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The information provided on this page is to help you, the person interested in obtaining a loving West Highland White Terrier, affectionately call “westie”, puppy.

First question you will ask is “where do I start looking?” and then “how do I know that the breeder is ethical and honest and that their puppy is the one that I would love to have for the rest of its life?”, which could be for many years, depending on circumstances.


Buyers beware

Firstly may we suggest that you do not impulse buy, for example from a pet shop. Ethical breeders, registered with Dogs Victoria (the controlling body) cannot sell to pet shops.

Where to start

Try and find a reputable breeder by searching the internet, talking to people you meet who have a westie, who did they buy it from? Contact the breeder you think may be the one, no matter how you came to that breeder.

Ask questions:

  • How are their puppies reared?
  • Do they have any health issues?
  • What are their purchase requirements?
  • What do they feed?
  • Can you see the puppies and parents?

Then you may still have many questions, please feel free to contact us.

At Glemand Westies we request that all prospective puppy buyers meet us and our dogs before a puppy is selected. We give our puppies the very best start to life and we are there to provide ongoing help and support to you the new owner/s.

We welcome your enquiry.